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At the forefront of Business Technology innovation, we’re a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business committed to redefining how visionary organizations harness technology.

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Brickell Technology, LLC stands as a beacon of innovation in Business Technology modernization. Our unique approach weaves together deep collaboration, comprehensive understanding, and a blend of Enterprise Architecture, business architecture, design thinking, lean startup principles, and Agile methodologies. This synergy ensures solutions that are not just solutions but transformations—crafted to propel organizations to lead in their domains.

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Financial Regulatory Framework Modernization

In a comprehensive initiative to align IT architecture with strategic organizational goals, our team spearheaded the modernization of business processes for a leading financial regulator. We implemented continuous improvement strategies, leveraging lightweight architecture management approaches and rapid prototyping to optimize business processes. Our work ensured the seamless integration of advanced technologies and platforms, enhancing the organization’s mission delivery and operational efficiency.

Cloud Computing Excellence for Data Intelligence

For a data intelligence leader, we crafted a state-of-the-art cloud computing environment using AWS, focusing on infrastructure as code, enterprise cloud migration, and automation. Our efforts in designing robust cloud architectures and big data solutions have revolutionized their operational capabilities, enabling agile SecDevOps practices and ensuring data security and governance at every level.

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